Dreams are visions of the future, to guide you on what you can become in Life if you work towards it without letting Impossibility and ignorance overwhelmed you.

A story of a Ghanaian young Man known as Jimmy who had no parents (were dead) but leaves with his Grandma for years.
Jimmy had always want to visit the big cities and live in a Big house, but he never had the opportunity, this has become his dreams in life.
The young Man Jimmy was very good in Athlete, but never had the courage to go out to develop his skills.

One day on his way back from an errand, he saw a young girl who was robbed and she was help less, he has never had the courage to speak to anyone except his grandma, but at this time, he has no option but to render help.
After giving her a lift to her people who were busy searching for her that night, he could not wait too hear the word Thank you, when he ran back home.

The next day he got a visitor, for the first time of his life, he was so surprised and was totally shy to speak too her, but as time goes on he was able to cop with the visitor, who was the young girl he helped.
Her name was Nadia, she came to see the face of the young man who helped her, and to offer him thanks as well.
She asked him what was his name?, and he slowly responded Jimmy which he had never told anyone before.
After some days, there became good friends and were actually together except night fall.
On a very cool evening while there were having fun, Nadia said to Jimmy there should run a little race of 100 meters, and Jimmy accepted.
When they set off for the race, Nadia could not believe her eyes when Jimmy ran faster like the world fastest man Usain Bolt.

She was so amazed and suggested that he should join a team which was preparing for one of the African Marathon race, at first he refused, but she was able to convince him, and he agreed.
The first day at the training he was good but needed more stamina to balance, mean while haters were already jealous of him, and were already Critizing him, as time went on, he was able to cop and never pay attention to them.

When the time was up for the Competition, he was selected among the six best that will represent his country in the African Marathon race, this was the beginning of his dreams.
And the day of kick-off came by, Jimmy and the other athletes was flown out of the Country, to were it was hosted, and the pitch was set for the race when Jimmy realize that he needs to win the trophy for a Bigger dreams.

He took a burning desire that he must win the trophy, which later came to pass by.
Jimmy won the trophy and was awarded by the President of his country, with some rewards like Car, A mansion, cash prize and many more. This story has definitely proven that dreams do live, so don’t give up.

Paul Sampson
An upcoming Motivational speaker known has Paul Saturday Sampson but Famously known as Paul Sampson, Who happens to be the only Son of Mr and Mrs Saturday Sampson Udoh of Ikot Osum Village Ika L.G.A , Akwa ibom state. He was Born and brought up in Port Harcourt city, Rivers State in 2nd May 1999 , But happens to be a Citizen of Akwa ibom State south-south Nigeria. He attended his Tertiary Education in Rivers state, and Later Moved to Akwa ibom state for his Junior and Secondary Education, he Graduated from Secondary School in 2016 after writing his WAEC examination. He is also Preparing for his Higher Institution. Paul Sampson, his a young Man who has had so many experiences and Passed through a lot of Challenges in Life. He discovered there is a Power lying inside all Humans that brings Positive Changes in different aspect of their lives, but can only be brought to Reality By Faith, Believe and Positive thoughts. He has set to embark on a Mission with a Title : THE REAL YOU MUST EMERGE. His Greatest Aim his to reach out to the Globe and help them discover their Real selves , by Inspiring and Motivating them to take a Burning Desire. Paul Sampson is a Blogger a Graphic designer and also the Founder and CEO of INSPIRED DOSE , which happens to be a power inspirational Media.

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