Humans and Nations Wealth

Many Humans, believe in the wealth and resources of their various Nations,
 Not knowing that there is a talent deposited in them that could change the Nations Economic situation.
 But there dump it to a Conner and decide to ruin their lives and futures, By investing their time and entire life on Nation’s wealth.

 This as also lead many of them into destruction and Disaster , By putting their Freedom within the country at risk,

 Even if a Man should be interested in the countries Resources, It should be a support from their Governments as a piece of empowerment and encouragement.
 Not following an illegal way to fetch it for their selves and your generation.

MY ADVICE Goes to the youths and up coming generations of various Nations, Not to placed their Hope’s and lives depending on their countries Wealth.
 But should try to Build and develop that which is deposited in them,
 Because your countries wealth is meant for its stability and success, But your Talents is made for your success and Greatness, with abundant of rewards and support, From his/her follow citizens and the Federal Government of His/her various Nations.

 Try to Create an idea Building your Nation, and not ruining your Nation.
 People gets upset due to the level of their struggling for daily bread, Why some get upset for lack of job opportunity, after spending many years studying, There only come out of university to come join the suffering as well. While some get upset because some of the children and family members of this leaders are Overseas studying and living a good life.
And there are here suffering what their Parents or Relatives have committed, This is what leads people into destruction of ruining their lives.-Paul Sampson

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