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I just stumbled on this screenshot of my blog while it was still alive.

The screenshot brought back so many memories.. and one of the mistakes I’ve made in life was shutting down this blog to run a project which later didn’t go well.

At least I learnt a lot and I’ve used it to impact of others. I’ve been in blogging for 9 years, and am so disappointed at what blogging has become of..

Those people who call themselves bloggers these days are mostly about the Adsense..

I remembered 7 – 9 years ago, all we know then was to beautify our blog. I still remember, Exam expo and Music Upload was one of the major things that bloggers use in making money then

Nowadays, Adsense is what everyone is focusing on, and that’s why their program is getting harder and complicated…

“No one wants to give back, but they want to receive”..

Lemme give you a little story of how I started blogging:

I discovered blogging all by myself… There was no one to tell me that I can make money through it.. Then I had the passion for Programming, and I took to Wapka to learn the basics of HTML, CSS and Javascript..

It was awesome then, cos we have a community of friends (Bloggers and Webmasters), we share ideas and scripts until we discovered PBNL..

From PBNL, I felt the need to learn PHP and to code and edit my scripts. All for the beauty of my blog.. And for users to visit and be like, wow this blog is awesome..

I remembered one guy that everyone was after his design. The owner of naijakit now… He was good at CSS then.. Lol..

I remembered a guy also that I took as my mentor then, He never recognized me, but i’ll only check his blog and find something nice stuff in it, then create that same thing and add my own taste to it.

The only blogger I knew in real then was @Emeka Nwonye… We lived in the same area.. He took over my area by painting his bloging URL on the wall of my street then

Designing the blog and traffic are the things we were focusing on then.

Our source of traffic then was sharing to friends and Link exchange.

It was fun until everyone started indulging on Adsense… Adsense was fun too.. Cos then, we were disciplined and cautious.. and also SEO..

So what am I trying to say?

If you don’t have passion for blogging, you’ll never succeed with it.. If you think Copy and Pasting will take you anywhere, my brother you’re wasting your time..

The Truth:

– Blogging is as simple as Giving and Receiving…

– Adsense is not the only means of surviving.. There’s Affiliate Marketing, Selling of Products and Services and so many other ideas you can come up with…

– Blogging is not an easy task.. It might take years to start seeing result for some people.. and months for some..

– Blogging without spending is a waste of time and commitment..

– Blogging with no interest and goal is not worth the task..

– The more you spend, the faster you get results..

Follow these rules and see results in no time.