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Some days ago, the word richest Man, Bill gates share a discussion he had with some high school students, expressing what the discussion was all about, and things he learnt and his thougts as well.
One of the most surprising experiences for me last year was participating in a discussion group with a bunch of teenage boys at a high school in Chicago. Although some of the guys talked about typical teenage frustrations—a teacher was treating them unfairly, or they kept dying in a video game—others had tragic stories. One had just watched a family member go to jail. Another spoke about a friend who had been shot. It was inspiring to see these young men working on dealing with their anger much earlier than I did. I was touched by the respect they had for each other and the intimacy they allowed themselves. I left thinking: This is how every classroom in the world should feel.


So days ago, the world richest woman Oprah shares a touching story about a movie which actually inspired her.
Can’t stop thinking about this movie.Capernaum Saw it 3 days ago. Didn’t know when I watched it that the cast members were real people.

Including these 2 phenomenal kids. Story of a young boy who sues his parents to stop having children they can’t afford. It’s about that and so much more. Surviving the daily traumas of being poor,proving your existence matters with no “papers.” Was nominated for Golden Globes. Hope the same happens for Oscars so more people can see it. Really worthy of your time. Capernaum means chaos.