The Mistake Of Lost

Some of us have made MISTAKES that cost us to LOST something or lose someone,
But we never had plans for the mistake nor did we expect it to happen.

Just like what happened long ago, a young pretty girl of 19yrs who was very intelligent and smart. Was sent an errand to go get some stuff across the street, she went ahead to get what she was sent, on her way coming back, a young handsome man stopped her, to admire her beauty, the young man called her lovely names, that caused to flatter, after the whole conversation, he took her contact and left, while she continue her walk back home.

The next day she got a call from the young man who took her contact, they both started a conversation e.g. how old are you?, where are you from?, are you in a relationship?, etc.
as the conversation continued, the young man asked her a question that took her some minutes before she could respond ( are you a virgin? ).
she finally said yes she is, the young man taught she was lying and laughed.
They came up with an agreement to meet each other on a very good day.

The day came by and they both met each other as they agreed on phone, after drinking and having fun, the young man went ahead and paid for a hotel room, they both went inside , the young man locked the door and inserted the keys into his pocket, they both sat on the bed and was playing love, suddenly the young man demanded for sex, but she insisted not to give him, the young man got angry and forced himself on her and took away her virginity, then she realized she had made a MISTAKE, she had just LOST her virginity which she has been protecting and reserving for years, hoping to lose it to her future husband when she gets married, but there was nothing to be done again, than to let go.

This is one of the biggest MISTAKE in her life, loosing what she had being protecting for years just to a young man she met in just a short time, she never planned neither did she expect it to happen.

I want to let you all know that MISTAKES do take place as a result of carelessness or distraction, I advise you all to avoid things that don`t add value to your life and live a positive life with great aims in life.

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