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Dreams can’t die when you believe it Lives. Paul Sampson

The power of impossibility you welcome into your life, creates an atmosphere of failure in your generation. Paul Sampson

When you fall, try to rise and take a burning desire never too fall again. Paul Sampson

Your Generosity is your Prosperity. Paul Sampson

It may be hard,it may be hot, But there is hope. Paul Sampson

A certain limit is a certain trial, but with a burning Desire, You become Limitless. Paul Sampson

Your Imagination can Bring Congratulations. Paul Sampson

When you fall, try to Rise and take a burning Desire Never too fall Again. Paul Sampson

You have two choices in the Morning , Sleep and let your Dreams sleep, or Wake up make them a Reality. Mitch Hell

A Man without challenges has No Story. Paul Sampson

There are no secrets to Success, It is the result of Preparation, Hard work and Learning from Failure. Colin Powell

Until you stand-up and sit-up, you can’t get across the boundary of failure. Paul Sampson