The Mystery behind Failure

Life is full of unpredictable things which humans don’t easily understand.

At the younger stage of our life’s, we make plans and good arrangements of our future’s, in a nice and awesome way, without including the challenges and delays that will definitely take place in our lives as time permits.

This is as a result of nature which is definitely unpredictable, just as we don’t predict the days we might get involved in an accident or the day we would die neither can we predict the things of nature.

At a certain stage in our lives during the kids level, we often speak out to our fellow kids on how we intend to live our different lives when we grow and what the future will actually look like, but it happens to occur in a different way we never expected.

This doesn’t mean those plans and arrangements we made do not exist, there do, but nature doesn’t just allow things remain the way there have been planned and arranged for in the life of Humans.

In terms, a man woke up in the morning took his bath and breakfast and says goodbye to his family before leaving for work, but unfortunately, a call came from someone that he was attacked by robbers and was shot dead.

This is definitely far from his plans, but its irreversible, unstoppable, and unnotable to him.

Just as a footballer goes into the football field without noticing that he will score a goal, but unfortunately to him, he scored three (3) goals which actually comes with a prize.

So whatever you do in life, you just have to be ready because things won’t come the way you planned or arranged for it. Always try to quit your devastation and hesitations with a burning desire because life is a Mystery you must solve or abide with. —– PAUL SAMPSON.

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