working in good faith

No matter How am hungry, I can never choose scamming as an option.I’ve once worked with a boss that’s a Fraudster, but it never moved me. Even though I know the tactics and all..Yes, I dey Photoshop work for Gee boys.. Ehen no be my business I dey do?Your reputation is your pride. No matter what you’re going through now, don’t think of making a brother sad cos you want to please your needs.Every situation you’re going through right now is just for a limited time. I’ve been there too, and I can tell you, I suffered alot and still suffering sef, until I say I’m satisfied. “No one is ever satisfied”Faith is one great weapon, and it depends on how you use it. Believe is another weapon. look for something to believe in.. Whether you serve God or gods, at least believe in something.Put your God first, and never cease to pray and remind God of that thing you want to achieve.Don’t just sit and expect Manna to fall from heaven. Even the bible said, “God helps those who help themselves.”If you don’t take a step and look into yourself and find that which you love doing, You’re going to remain there, because no one is ready to help you. Unless you have a rich parent to depend on.So this is my little advice.Do this things, I tell you, You’ll see changes.

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