You Need Nothing but one thing “Faith”

Life is another mystery that needs nothing but FAITH to unlock its treasures. Humans are born into this world with different reasons and missions but all requires faith to accomplished it.
 So many people lack understanding of what FAITH actually is, and those who do, don’t apply it but misuse it, and some who understands what it means and also apply it happens to be the successful one’s.
 For this reason you find few successful people, many confused and lost, and a lot fail.
 Just as a saying says, as money rules earth so does FAITH rules heaven.
 In Christianity religion FAITH is what is mostly required from the believers and it is one of the most powerful weapon there use against their enemies.
 In a scientific world FAITH is also seen as believe and this is what enables them create and invent powerful things in life today, Just as the story of THOMAS EDISON, he failed over ten thousand times (10,000) trying too create a lamp and this was really hard for him to get through, but his FAITH never failed him.
 The same thing applicable to MARCONI the great inventor who invented a radio set, according to the story, he has failed as many times as possible until he was able to discover his dreams, and when he did, he sent a message to the government that he had discovered a means that could be be used to pass information to the public at once, but his best friend ordered that he should be taken to the psychiatrist for medical check up but the wonderful thing was that his FAITH never failed him.
 All this people became successful because there did have what it takes to succeed which is FAITH.
 If you wish to succeed in life as well, you should definitely put your faith too work and take a burning desire too become a success candidate. Remember no matter what just keep on keeping on.-PAUL SAMPPSON

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